Placing Signals

Below is a step by step walk through to show you how to place one of our trading signals in your account. If you are new to or trading yourself, you are advised to you familiarize yourself with the platform and process. Do this prior to placing any live signals!

Step 1

Log into your account and select the Trade menu item. Click on the Touch/ No Touch trade type.

binary trading signal type

Step 2

Each signal includes the details that you will need to act upon to place the signal in your account. In the screenshot below this is shown as:

Asset: EUR/USD
Trade: Does Not Touch
Level: 1.0550
Duration: 4 days
Placed: 38%

Enter this information from the signal together with the amount you want to risk. This can be set either as a ‘Stake’ amount or the ‘Payout’ level you want to achieve.

binary trading level

Step 3

The screen updates with the live market pricing. You are also shown the Net profit and Return offered on the contract. This is displayed as both a percentage and monetary return on your stake.

Check the details again. Make sure you have entered the levels correctly are and are happy with the risked amount and return on offer.

To purchase the contact in your account click ‘Purchase’ on the relevant trade type you want to place. Depending upon the signal sent this will be either Touches or Does Not Touch. It is important to make sure that you select the correct type.

buy binary signals


Once you have placed the signal in your account there is nothing further to do. The contract will automatically expire when it reaches the end of it’s duration. At this point any profit is automatically credit to your account.