The Trading Signals

We identify trading opportunities through the use of rigorous technical and fundamental analysis. This is process we have refined over 10 years of trading binary options.

Only once we are happy and believe we have an ‘edge’ over the market we look to take a trading position. We immediately send out a notification to our subscribers.

On receipt of the signal you simply log into your account and place the trade using the details supplied.

Easy To Trade Signals

Each alert provides full details of the latest position we have taken in our accounts:

  • ASSET: The EXACT market to trade clearly highlighted in each alert.
  • TRADE: The type of trade we placed
  • LEVEL: The level that we placed our trade at
  • DURATION: The contract expiry time – normally specified as a number of days
  • PLACED: The return we were offered when placing the contract

What Does a Trading Signal Look Like?

All of our alerts follow a standard format an example of which is shown below.


Asset: EUR/USD
Trade: Does Not Touch
Level: 1.0550
Duration: 4 days
Placed: 38%

Each alert notification we send provides complete details of the trade taken. This allows you to trade at exactly the same levels in your own account.

Included in each alert is the asset to trade, the trade type, the level we placed at and the suggested duration to run the trade. We also provide an indication of the level of expected return.

Markets are constantly moving and therefore this figure may fluctuate up and down. We would advise not placing signals if the expected return has dropped below 20%. In this scenario we suggest repricing the trade later in the session or simply sitting it out until the next signal.

Need To Open a Trading Account?

All our signals are placed on The company is a leading provider of Binary Options and fixed odds contracts and has been in business since 1999. It is licensed and regulated in Malta, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Ireland and Japan.

Opening an account takes less than 2 minutes. You can then start placing trades from as little as $1.

Account deposits can be made by Debit/ Credit card and a wide range of digital wallets and third party payment processors. These include Skrill, PaySafe, Neteller and Bitcoin. You can also deposit via Bank Wire Transfer.

To find out more or open an account click below.

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